Jan 16, 2010

exterior before & after

Here's a before and after of our remodeling project...

Ok, not ENTIRELY after. As you can see by the architect's & contractor's signs in the front yard, we're still a little bit in-progress. (Even though this picture is from a few months ago, the signs are still there.) But, other than landscaping, what remains is fairly minor.

We are now slowly-but-surely unpacking all the boxes we stuffed into the garage for the duration, gradually putting things up on the walls, etc. It was a huge project, so the recovery process is slow too.

But, when I remember to look at it in the right light, there's real pleasure in this nesting phase. My tendency is to feel like we should just hurry up and get this DONE. But, now that the drywall dust and utter chaos are over, it can be enjoyable to slow down and savor the process. The clearing out of unnecessary things, the welcoming of new colors and textures, the possibilities that the open spaces and bare windows represent. What will this new home of ours evolve into? How delightful it will be to watch it unfold!

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