Feb 4, 2010

should i rename my blog?

Please weigh in, folks! (Answer the survey at the bottom of this post.)

I actually picked the name several years ago, when I started my first house-/design-related blog. I was in a different space at that time (both literally and figuratively), and for various reasons the blog only lasted for about five posts before it died a well-deserved early death. Good thing too, because my posts during the depths of my remodeling despair would have been U-G-L-Y. You wouldn't have liked me much.

I liked the name "Nesting Blog", though, so I just automatically went back to it when I started this new (hopefully much more long-lived) venture.

However. Now that I'm looking around a bit, and thinking about ways to get my blog out there, I'm becoming aware that there are a lot more "nesting" blogs around now than there were way back when I was first fishing around for a name. Cookie Magazine's Nesting, Nesting Place, Nest, The Cottage Nest, and Urban Nest (which, it turns out, is authored by three women right here in Richmond) are just a few of the ones I turned up.

If I'm going to change the name, now's the time to do it. So please help me decide! Provide your feedback in this poll, and leave a comment to share your suggestions for a new name. (If you don't see the "Post a Comment" box at the bottom of this post, click on the word "comments" to take you there.)

Should I rename my blog?

Thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski for the above image!


  1. I think it's an interesting name. Even if it is similar to other blogs, that could increase your exposure rather than reduce it. Besides, it feels like a nesting blog - warm and inviting.

  2. I like it, personally. I say stay with it unless you come up with something spectacular. And I agree that the "nest" concept is beneficial by association.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jan & Sara. It's helpful to hear your thinking.

    And Sara -- I took a look at your mosaics, and they're BEAUTIFUL! If you have any photos of installations in contemporary/transitional spaces, I'd be thrilled to feature them here!

  4. I'd keep it unless you want to add a word...blank nesting blog, or nesting blank. I like the nesting piece :)The blogs that I have started have died a well deserved death...