Feb 10, 2010

social media for the design set

If I let you in on a secret, will you promise not to wander off and never come back? 'Cause I swear I'll keep posting good stuff here too...

What's this secret, you ask? Maybe it's not so secret to you. But until a few days ago, I had never heard of Houzz. The Washington Post called it the "Flickr of design ideas". It is, and then some.

Houzz is a place where you can both upload and search for pictures of great interior design, architecture, and landscape design. Create an account for yourself, and you can also save your favorites into different ideabooks for your different projects (or moods, or personalities, or whatever). So far, I haven't bumped up against a limit to the number of photos you can save there. (If you like, you can take a look at some of the photos I've saved.) You can also search for professionals in a variety of geographic regions and discuss the images with other users on the site -- including tagging photos with information about the finishes, furnishings, etc., that are used in the spaces.

This site is certainly a boon not only to design bloggers like yours truly, but also for anyone who's planning a renovation or decorating project. If Houzz had existed when we started our project, our poor architect wouldn't have ended up lugging around our notebooks full of magazine clippings and photocopies. We could have just compiled images into online ideabooks and sent them to him electronically.

Big thanks to my sister for this hot tip!

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  1. Very cool site! We're still nailing down some of the specifics of our kitchen "facelift" -- what a great resource. The serach function isn't so helpful though, or maybe it just needs more options for "style" (mid-century would be helpful, for instance).