Jul 28, 2010

featured architect: PLANT

Recently I featured some garden designs by PLANT Architect, whose work I had run across while perusing the most recent issue of Garden Design magazine. PLANT's talents are not limited to garden and landscape design, however. Their website features a number of interior projects that illustrate the same practical-yet-creative approach evident in the residential gardens they've designed. Here are four of my favorite projects from their online portfolio:

PROJECT 1: Braemore Gardens Residence 
The main goals of this renovation/addition were to expand the kitchen, improve the basement entry, and create opportunities to display the owners' collections.

PROJECT 2: Albany Avenue Residence
With this addition, PLANT created an indoor dining room that maintained the same connection with the outdoors as the deck dining area it replaced.

PROJECT 3: Howland Avenue Residence
These kitchen / dining room and attic renovations created more living space (e.g., a new master bedroom suite), a more open and integrated floor plan, and a connection between indoors and out.

PROJECT 4: Woodlawn Residence 
These extensive interior and facade renovations aimed at creating better views, a more intentional flow and focus to the interior spaces, and a new master bedroom suite.

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