Jul 25, 2010

living classroom

Still getting caught up on posts from the last couple of months, when I was working around the clock instead of blogging. The below photos are ones I snapped when we were in Baltimore back in June, having a quick pre-birthday get-away. On Sunday morning, we walked from our hotel at Inner Harbor down to Fell's Point to a charming French bakery right on the water, and on our way back to our hotel we spotted this intriguing sight:

When we went to investigate, we discovered that this barn-like building was just one part of a Living Classrooms campus that stretched along a canal and almost all the way down to the Harbor. The campus is comprised of a number of intriguing modern structures. I particularly love the one with the green roof! Take a look...

The "Living Classroom" concept seemed like an intriguing one at the time, but I only just now got around to Googling to learn more about this place.  Now that I've explored the Living Classrooms website, I am particularly impressed -- not only with this campus, but with what they're doing in general. It turns out that the Living Classrooms Foundation is who manages all those historic ships you can tour at Inner Harbor, but their primary mission is to provide hands-on educational experiences for at-risk youth. They operate a charter school in Baltimore (at this very campus, I think) and also a number of enrichment programs at this and other locations in Baltimore and D.C. -- including aboard the historic ships, where students learn math, science, history, teamwork, and leadership in applied settings.

And with that, I'm off now to my own "living classroom" out in our garden, where I plan to do some digging before the temperature climbs past 100-degrees again...


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  2. Thanks for sharing the link, "Anonymous"! And kudos on the great work y'all are doing with the youth...