Nov 23, 2010

intentions and flowers

Recently a dear friend and I moved our standing morning journaling date to Monday mornings to better accommodate our crazy work schedules. The new timing has prompted me to start using the ritual as an opportunity to set intentions for the week. Last Monday, one of those intentions had to do with savoring simple moments of beauty amidst a week full of meetings and other obligations.

All week, a phrase I had written came back to me. It was a reminder to myself to "breathe into the spaces" between my various work activities. Leaving a meeting on Tuesday, I reminded myself to stop and breathe, to use my eyes to look around and see the explosion of fall colors surrounding me. To savor that moment of beauty.

Next on my list was a quick stop at the grocery store before heading back home to reply to a heap of emails and ready myself for my next meeting. It would have been easy to let the weight of my to do list crush me, but that moment on Tuesday morning imbued the day with a feeling of expansiveness and gratitude, and instead of rushing through my grocery store chores, I took an extra five minutes to select some flowers to bring home with me. They went into water in my kitchen sink, where they cheerfully waited until the end of the day for me to scatter them through the house.

A week later, and I'm still enjoying the sight of flowers in my bedroom, kitchen, and office. Each time I see them, it's another reminder to "breathe into the spaces" in my day and to notice the abundant beauty all around me.

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