Jul 28, 2010

featured architect: PLANT

Recently I featured some garden designs by PLANT Architect, whose work I had run across while perusing the most recent issue of Garden Design magazine. PLANT's talents are not limited to garden and landscape design, however. Their website features a number of interior projects that illustrate the same practical-yet-creative approach evident in the residential gardens they've designed. Here are four of my favorite projects from their online portfolio:

PROJECT 1: Braemore Gardens Residence 
The main goals of this renovation/addition were to expand the kitchen, improve the basement entry, and create opportunities to display the owners' collections.

PROJECT 2: Albany Avenue Residence
With this addition, PLANT created an indoor dining room that maintained the same connection with the outdoors as the deck dining area it replaced.

PROJECT 3: Howland Avenue Residence
These kitchen / dining room and attic renovations created more living space (e.g., a new master bedroom suite), a more open and integrated floor plan, and a connection between indoors and out.

PROJECT 4: Woodlawn Residence 
These extensive interior and facade renovations aimed at creating better views, a more intentional flow and focus to the interior spaces, and a new master bedroom suite.

Jul 27, 2010

new duvet

Just ordered this handsome duvet from West Elm a couple days ago, and can't wait for it to arrive!

This will go in our bedroom, where the color scheme is a symphony of brick reds (literally, thanks to the chimney behind the bed), browns / wood tones, and warm grays against a creamy backdrop (pale butter walls, champagne-colored carpet). The fabrics and prints in there thus far have a nubby and organic look, yet the overall design is clean and simple, so I'm thinking this modern, nature-inspired duvet should go perfectly.

indoor-outdoor connections

Holley & Gill recently posted on their blog about contemporary spaces that create a connection between indoors and out. Below are a few of the beautiful photos they compiled. For more examples of great indoor-outdoor connections, stay tuned for tomorrow's post which will feature renovation/addition projects by PLANT Architects, or take a look back at my photos from the recent Modern Richmond tour of the Spitzer residence.

Jul 25, 2010

living classroom

Still getting caught up on posts from the last couple of months, when I was working around the clock instead of blogging. The below photos are ones I snapped when we were in Baltimore back in June, having a quick pre-birthday get-away. On Sunday morning, we walked from our hotel at Inner Harbor down to Fell's Point to a charming French bakery right on the water, and on our way back to our hotel we spotted this intriguing sight:

When we went to investigate, we discovered that this barn-like building was just one part of a Living Classrooms campus that stretched along a canal and almost all the way down to the Harbor. The campus is comprised of a number of intriguing modern structures. I particularly love the one with the green roof! Take a look...

The "Living Classroom" concept seemed like an intriguing one at the time, but I only just now got around to Googling to learn more about this place.  Now that I've explored the Living Classrooms website, I am particularly impressed -- not only with this campus, but with what they're doing in general. It turns out that the Living Classrooms Foundation is who manages all those historic ships you can tour at Inner Harbor, but their primary mission is to provide hands-on educational experiences for at-risk youth. They operate a charter school in Baltimore (at this very campus, I think) and also a number of enrichment programs at this and other locations in Baltimore and D.C. -- including aboard the historic ships, where students learn math, science, history, teamwork, and leadership in applied settings.

And with that, I'm off now to my own "living classroom" out in our garden, where I plan to do some digging before the temperature climbs past 100-degrees again...

Jul 24, 2010

new blog i love: farmhouse modern

Through one of those "down the rabbit hole" series of mouse clicks so common in web surfing, I managed to end up on the home page of a new blog entirely devoted to the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Needless to say, this is one that went straight into my blogroll! I just hope the posts keep coming over at Farmhouse Modern.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the site so far...

Design available from: Houseplans.com.

Design available from: Houseplans.com.

Architects: Cottle, Carr, Yaw.

Architect: David Salmela. Photographer: Peter Bastianni-Kurze.

Architects: Birdseye Design Studio. Photographer: Jim Westphalen.

Detail from a home designed by Max Levy Architects.

Architects: Cottle, Carr, Yaw.

Jul 23, 2010

mind-bending creativity: Daniel Hale

One of my favorite blogs, The Improvised Life, recently featured artist-architect-furniture designer Daniel Hale's blog, which showcases many images of his design experiments in his Napa Valley home. Take a look at his website too. This guy is crazy creative! Light fixtures from shoes and piano innards. Sofas from tile crates. Ceilings from wine barrels. Cabinets from dough bowls. Simply surfing his blog has caused a major firestorm of synaptic activity in my brain! Here's just a small selection of some of his innovative and evocative designs...