Sep 26, 2011

creative recycling: wedge brewery

One of our favorite spots in Asheville was the Wedge Brewing Company, a no-frills but serious-about-the-beer microbrewery in the heart of the industrial River Arts District.

The indoor tasting room at Wedge is teeny tiny. But informal seating spills out onto a concrete front porch, into an adjacent beer garden, and out into a roped off area of the parking lot, where outdoor movies are projected onto the side of a big white panel van.

But the movies take a backseat to the double feature at Wedge: amazing beer (with unlimited free peanuts!) and fabulous metal art from recycled industrial relics. Railings, outdoor furniture, and the awe-inspiring walls of the funky beer garden were created by the late sculptor John Payne and his apprentices.

If you love hand crafted beer and ever find yourself in Asheville, definitely stop in at Wedge. And if they're serving that delicious "Derailed" Hemp Seed Brown Ale that we kept slurping down, don't pass it up! Yum!

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