Sep 16, 2011

secrets to successful recycling

Nudges from a few Nesting Blog readers -- along with an inspiring trip to Asheville, NC -- have prompted me to open up the ole laptop and begin blogging again.

I plan to share photos of some of the nifty artists' studios, etc., that we spotted in Asheville. But given the crafty, homespun, earth-friendly design approach embraced by so many in this town, this TED Talk from folksy builder Dan Phillips seemed the perfect place to start.

When I first viewed this video a few months ago, I had one of those "Duh! Why didn't that occur to me?" moments. He shares principles for successfully building with recycled materials that are so simple and self-evident, it's surprising more people aren't building this way. But having poked around Asheville for a week, I can tell you that a lot of its residents have caught on to this way of thinking.

To see more pictures of the homes created by Dan Phillips and his colleagues, go to Or read the New York Times article profiling Dan and his work.

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